Thursday, April 10, 2008

thursday 10 apr (bethanie's birthday)

younger sister’s birthday
the one i fought with
cried with
fomented rebellion with (failed)
always fomenting

like good cheese, improving with the passing of time
in dark places

melancholy is a term useful for the description of poetry
too shopworn for the construction of poetry
a critics’ word
prepackaged in its own gestalt
a can of linguistic Spam

yet i am enjoying it fried (with eggs) this morning
almost 42 sitting miles apart from 39
contemplating the uncataloged natural forces
pushing us apart, physical distance once again providing
a frictionless vacuum
child’s experiments
with emotional fields of common polarity
pushing us apart

i miss you
i miss the relationship i imagined for us
the straight line i drew from our common
childhood to what should be ours
(not the un/shared present)

i wish for you all the non-dairy cheese (fomented soy)
and joy that you can consume

some day,
our glorious rebellion will succeed
che and cheese will be made proud

happy birthday.

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