Friday, January 25, 2008

Cold like...

Cold, like…

a Joe Lewis right hook
pre-GE Jack Welch
the stare of Parisian waiter serving Iowans
a hospital gown
an end-of-shift gate agent
the Saks 5th fragrance counter attendant when asked for a low-budget Dior
a Liberal response to the Conservative agenda
pranks involving body parts and Super Glue
a professional sniper
humming Manilow in a roomful of Boomers
spoiling Santa Claus for a child
the scene in Goodfellas where Pesci gets “made”
stiffing the paperboy
the sensation of knowing you’ll lose your home to foreclosure
spoofing your nemesis’ IM account to cause trouble
a lopsided victory at a children’s game
an IV drip
posting YouTube of scholarGirl binge drinking
tasering your parakeet
knowingly creating false hope
a Kathryn Hepburn stare
taking center stage at your ex’s wedding
changing your blocking opening night
honking as you pass a cyclist
assigning the manual calculation of the square roots from 1-50 (to 25 decimal places) on a Friday
the best dish of revenge ever
Hillary and Bill against
the person you become when you let greed in
the relationship between an absentee dad and his adult children
the potential of an unfired revolver
Simon on Idol
an economist predicting a mild recession
a drug company with an exclusive patent
the candlelight anniversary dinner served to the late arriving, too-much-to-drink husband
the Junior League luncheon to Gloria Steinem
metaphor devoid of meaning

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