Tuesday, March 04, 2008


you know, there isn’t really a “p” sound involved at all
their mouths (lips actually) aren’t designed to produce plosives

– what are you doing?

it’s more of a dipthong, but not quite true
academic arbiters of pronunciation would affix the label “complex segment”
which is remarkably less fun to say

– are you there?


– what?
– what are you doing?

ziggurat is a fantastic word
need to work it into my writing somehow
hammurabi ate an umlaut in his ziggurat
babylonians were big cat lovers like the egyptians
big modifying lovers, not cat

– were you listening? what did i just say?

perhaps there’s a shared ur-religion
or other socio-evolutionary nexus between the two societies
that developed in parallel along the banks of the
euphrates and nile rivers
which would intersect somewhere in europe if they were extended
along their directional axes

– i’m just stroking spook

– and enjoying our time together
– you’re a million miles from here

– i love you honey

the cat purrs on his chest as he sleeps peacefully.

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